We provide staff training on a range of topics relating to young people’s mental health.

Following initial discussions with key school staff we can deliver a programme of training which focuses on common mental health topics, and on practical skills that staff can use to support young people in school. Please click here (link to training menu pdf download) for a sample of the training sessions we have delivered.

  1. Topic-based sessions focus on common ways in which mental health issues present in young people, and aim to help staff gain understanding and knowledge of how these issues develop and what can influence them.

Examples of sessions include:

  • Anxiety
  • Low mood/depression
  • Understanding self-harm


  1. Skill-based sessions aim to help staff improve or develop basic therapeutic skills in order to more effectively respond to mental health issues in schools and help young people better self-manage their distress. These can focus on generic helping skills, (e.g. communication and counselling skills) to help equip staff with skills to help identify and respond to distress, or can be targeted at specific difficulties, in order to provide practical therapeutic strategies that can be implemented by staff in schools. 

Examples of these sessions include:

  • Identifying and assessing mental health needs
  • Enhancing communication skills around mental health
  • Interventions for Anxiety Management
  • Responding to Low Mood
  • Responding to Self-Harm


Through these training sessions, staff are equipped to be able to offer directive, evidence-based interventions for young people.

All training sessions will be designed with the needs of each specific school in mind, both in terms of content but also practical organisational aspects, e.g. session length and frequency, participants’ prior knowledge, group size, etc.