We offer advice and consultation support to individual staff and teams within high schools around pupils experiencing or at risk of mental health difficulties.

This typically follows initial training sessions in schools and provides opportunities for school staff to discuss concerns around mental health issues for individual young people and/or groups of young people.

The aims of these sessions are:

  • To help staff better understand mental health issues in school, and identify those young people most in need/at risk.
  • To provide staff with expert advice and appropriately tailored strategies that they could use within school to help support young people more effectively.
  • To help staff identify appropriate services/support out of school when needed.
  • To help staff better understand processes around referrals to specialist CAMHS, and directly support referrals when necessary (e.g. by giving advice on referral letters, referral criteria, etc.).

Sessions can be provided to schools on a needs-led basis, i.e. they can be regularly timetabled, or can be arranged on an ad-hoc basis when the need arises. The service will ensure that this flexibility in arrangements will be maintained so that schools’ needs are best met. Consultation sessions will be arranged via the staff lead in each school, but will be made available to all staff.